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        ABOUT US

        Jiangsu Zhuxi Activated Carbon Co.,Ltd.

        The company which was funded in 1978 is the combination factory of the Research Institute of Chemical Processing and Utilization of Forest Products, Chinese Academy of Forestry. It’s a research, development, production and sales of professional activated carbon production facility. The company possesses RMB120 million in fixed assets, 7 hectares building area and more than 200 staffs including 65 mid-level and senior technologists. One high-standard activated carbon research & experiment center. 10 international advanced carbonization & activation furnaces and after-treating equipments that can meet different crafts. The annual production capacity of activated carbon is over 20000 tons. We chiefly use sawdust, charcoal, coconut shell, nut shell and coal to produce more than 60 types of “Zhuxi” brand of activated carbon in granular and powder form. These products are in strict accordance with the international, national and local standards and are made through advanced equipments, technology and professional test methods. We have several raw material bases in Anhui, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hebei, Ningxia and Shanxi (all of these are provinces in China) and we are famous for long history, excellent products’ quality and good after-sale service.


        The “Zhuxi” brand activated carbons with large surface area, strong adsorption, good hardness and rapid filtering characteristics are mainly used in liquid and gas phase adsorption. Because of their abilities of decolorization, adsorption, purification, filtering carrier, recovery, deodorization. They are also widely used in the fields of reagent refinery, pharmacy, sugar, food, beverage, wine, water treatment, chemical, electric plants, textile, environmental protection, nuclear energy, electroplate, gold refining etc. We have got many kinds of honors and certificates such as: 《Jiangsu Brand-name products》  《Jiangsu Famous Brand》and 《Jiangsu High-Tech Enterprise》. We also passed “ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification” and acquired 《National Industrial Production License》,《Food Additives Production License》, 《Drug Production License》, 《Provincial Hygienic License》etc.

        We are the major activated carbon export base of activated carbon in China and our products have been exported to the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and many other countries and area. So that we enjoy not only the domestic but also abroad market reputation. We warmly welcome national and abroad visitors to make good-friendly business relationship.

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