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        Activated Carbon for Water and Gas Treatment, Solvent Recovery, Environmental Protection


        These series of activated carbon in granule are made from coconut shell, shells or coal, activated via high temperature water vapor method, and then highly processed through crushing, screening aftertreatment.


        These series of activated carbon have large surface area, developed pore structure, characteristics of excellent adsorption, strong resistance to grinding and washing, easy regeneration.

        Using Fields

        These series of activated carbon are widely used in liquid and gas phaseadsorption, environment protection, solvent recovery, purification of living and industrial waste water, especially power plant, refinery, petrochemical industry, sugar and wine refining, industries of pharmacy, chemical, electron, shipping and fishery. They can effectively adsorb impurities in water, such as: free chlorine, phenol, sulphur, oil, colloid, pesticide residue, precursor of THM and other organic pollutants. They can also be used in the following fields: purifying industrial exhaust gas and automobile exhaust, desulfuration and denitration, petrochemical catalytic reforming, gas separation, air drying, Pressure Swing Adsorption(PSA), food fresh keeping, gas mask, removing Dioxin, accelerant carrier, house decoration, deodorization, adsorbing nuclear radioactive pollution gas, biological activated carbon. They have prominent effects on decolorization, filtering, purifying and recovering the industrial organic solvent, such as: benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, gasoline and diesel. 


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