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        The Activated Carbon Engineering and Technology Research Center was established in 2015. It has strong technical force and perfect conditions for scientific research and pilot testing. The central office area is 560 square meters, the comprehensive testing center area is 502 square meters, and the pilot workshop area is 700 square meters. The office, testing center, standard information room, market development department, material research department, product development department, and technology are provided. Research institutions, patent offices, technical services, and other research institutions. Equipped with atomic absorption spectrophotometer, UV wind photometer, carbon tetrachloride adsorption rate measuring device, specific surface area analyzer and other advanced detection equipment. There are 28 technicians and management personnel including fixed engineering technicians, external experts and so on.

        The construction of the engineering center aims to promote the scientific and technological innovation of enterprises in our province, strengthen the construction of engineering R&D platforms, carry out engineering research and experiments, develop key technologies, strengthen the central link of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productivity, and promote the transformation of achievements and technological radiation. To promote technological upgrading and scientific and technological progress in relevant industries, enhance the technological innovation capability and market competitiveness of enterprises, and actively contribute to the development of the province's activated carbon industry.

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